I've ridden since the 60s and owned a lot of bikes. The TOUR is the most comfortable, best saddle, floorboards, suspension. It's well-appointed with extra lights, a solid windshield, hard bags and self-extinguising turn signals. I get a lot of compliments. The TOUR will do 60-56 at half-throttle. A tingly vibration sets in from 70-80 MPH. I've added a custom bracket for a top-case and made up a much wider custom cushion for my wife. (The skinny little stock passenger seat looks cool but is an insult to the rear end of anyone you like enough to take with you. That one complaint aside, this is a solid bike - the most comfortable in the 250cc class by far. I've been riding through the winter... have about 2,500 miles on it so far... and would recommend it. The "TOUR" thing is no joke. Take the back roads, see more that way, and go as far as you like.