2010 Honda Fury Base

First off want folks to know that I am a former employee of Harley-Davidson, was a Service Manager for three years and owned a 2002 Road King and 2011 Dyna Wide glide. A good friend showed me a picture of the Blue 2010 Fury and my jaw hit the ground, got that excited feeling in stomach, and stared at it for about 20 min, looked at my friend and told him "I am in Love". Keep in mind only going by picture at this point. Proceeded to my house went directly to computer and there was not a computer in this world fast enough to bring up Honda Finance, at a pace that has never been recorded in modern computing that application was complete and Honda Finance felt my love and knew that this bike and I were meant to be united. With head held high, grin from ear to ear, ready to burst with emotion, like seeing my first born for the first time. Boldly walked up to first salesman and with out pause told him I am here to buy 2010 Fury, Blue in color and nothing else needed to be said until she was in font of me. Panic attack almost set in when it took more than five min for the staff to locate one. The Manager walk out his office with a look that had me on edge of seat, stated he found one in the next state and would be happy to go pick it up for me, after asking why he was still standing there he said that it would be ready for delivery the next day. Morning arrives, I call my friend at five am and told him to pick me up at five thirty, like school children we discussed nothing else but this beautiful Love affair that was only min from starting. The service door opened and she stared right into my eyes, her long sleek body, dressed in the most beautiful blue I have ever seen, I slowly circled her as I stared at her wide rear end thinking how beautiful it was, then made my way to her front, long and skinny, damn she is sexy. With baited breath I mounted her for the first time, then just sat there with my hands on her admiring her lines and curves that have never been seen or made until Honda let a design team come up with the most creative, sexy, very very functional , dependable, comfortable, long, and handles like a dream. ergonomics were perfect, handling perfect, they produced what bike builders dream about, but do it better, am 51 years old and what a relief to see a chopper from the factory and know without a doubt that it was not built in my shed, hoping welds or good, frame trued, and everything is right and being three thousand over budget, more hours tinkering with it than with wife,,you know what I mean. mounted the Blue Bitch, her name, hit the button and we both came to life. spent the next serveral days getting to know one another, we were now one, time to put her thru the paces and Honda as well, Handled better I expected and it looks. looks like you would Wal-Mart lot to turn around, quit the other, can do it on one lane street. the power plant is a fat bowel of raw torque and when asked will grow a set of balls that will make you smile from ear to ear. Had doubts about highway riding, let me just say no doubts folks, she is very very comfortable at 80 or where your personal sweet spot maybe, side note, limited by computer 100mph is max from Honda. Honestly why any faster, is there really a need for this chopper? Anyway, Travel with it, it loves and takes high speed traveling in stride and it is very comfotable despite what you think looking at it. Around town speeds just pick your gear, 2nd or 5th the torque will be ready to impress, reminder, tank holds 3.4 galllons, 100 miles then lite comes on. Awsome crusier, sexy chopper and one hell of a motorcycle for the money, trust me you will talk and answer more questions from the public and yes Harley riders about the Fury. After riding for forty years and putting this bike thru the paces "it is second to none" in just about every aspect of riding, meaning, sits a little lower to ground you will spark knobs on pegs, thats why they are there, will get used to pretty quick, that about it and the line that you will need to practice and say with Pride "CAN YOU BELEIVE ITS A HONDA" you will understand that statement real quick. get ready to meet new people and take time when ur in hurry and want to ask questions, they will........BUY THIS BIKE, ENJOY THIS BIKE, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BIKE. MY BIKE, Carl Toups Carl.toups@gmail.com