2013 Yamaha WR and YZ Motorcycle Model Lineup

The 2013 Yamaha off-road and dual purpose lineup includes seven models.  There are five YZ motocross bikes, and two WR models, one classified as a dirt bike and one as dual purpose.  All of the 2013 motorcycles are returning models with minimal upgrades for the new model year.

2013 Yamaha YZ Motocross Models

When Yamaha introduced the YZ line in 1975 it was revolutionary.  These were the first ever single shock production motocross bikes.  There are five YZ models in the Yamaha 2013 lineup.


2013 Yamaha YZ450F

This is the bike credited with beginning the four-stroke dirt bike revolution with its introduction in 2003. The YZ450F got its most recent major upgrade, including fuel injection, in 2010.  The 2013 Yamaha YZ450F remains largely unchanged but still benefits from the bike’s prestigious pedigree.

The YZ450F boasts light weight components and exceptional mass centralization, giving the bike a light, balanced feel.  The 499 cc, single-cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected, four-stroke engine sports a rearward slanted cylinder.  The intake and exhaust positions are swapped, providing efficient combustion and more power thanks to the straight intake tract.  The compression ratio on the YZ450F is 12.5:1.  All that power is delivered to the rear wheel via a five-speed transmission.

Further contributing to the light, balanced feel of the bike are the aluminum frame, under seat fuel tank with a lightweight in tank fuel pump.  Cooling is achieved via two compact single core radiators.  The aggressive design uses a minimum of plastic, exposing the frame.  And the aluminum handlebars have four adjustment settings to fit riders of almost any size.

Both front and rear suspension are adjustable, providing 12.2 inches of travel via the inverted front fork and 12.4 inches of rear travel thanks to the single rear shock.  The 2013 Yamaha YZ450F has Dunlop Geomax MX51 tires front and rear with hydraulic single disc brakes, 250 mm up front and 245 mm in back.

Weighing in at 245 pounds ready to ride, the 2013 YZ450F has 39.4 inch seat height with 15.2 inches of ground clearance.  The bike has an overall length of 86.4 inches and a 58.7 inch wheelbase.  It’s available for 2013 in two two-tone paint schemes, Team Yamaha Blue and White or White and Red.  The 2013 Yamaha YZ450F carries a 30 day limited factory warranty with an MSRP of $8,490.


2013 Yamaha YZ250F

When the Yamaha YZ250F was introduced in 2001 it was the first four-stroke 250 motocross bike, the first to win an international race, AMA Supercross and an AMA Supercross Championship. 

The 2013 YZ250F features an electric start, 249 cc, five-valve, liquid cooled engine with a 37 mm Keihin carb and has a manual kick-start for back up.  The YZ250F has a compression ration of 13.5:1.  Cooling is provided by two compact radiators.  The five-speed tranny and heavy duty clutch combine for smooth shifting.

A digital enduro computer has a speedo, tripmeter, clock and in race mode it functions as a timer with distance compensating tripmeter with an average speed read out.

The inverted front fork and single rear shock are both fully adjustable and provide 11.8 inches of forward travel and 12.5 inches in back.  Both front and rear braking are handled by hydraulic single disc brakes, 250 mm in the front and 245 mm in the rear.  The YZ250F has a 21 inch front tire and 19 inch tire in the rear.

The 2013 Yamaha YZ250F has 14.9 inches of ground clearance with a 39 inch seat height.  The bike is 85.4 inches long with a wheelbase of 58.1 inches and has wet weight of 227 pounds.  Yamaha offers the YZ250F in Team Yamaha Blue and White or White and Red with a 30 day limited factory warranty and an MSRP of $7,290.

YZ250, YZ125 and YZ85

2013 Yamaha YZ85

Yamaha offers three two-stroke Motocross bikes for 2013 giving riders of various sizes and experience levels a wide range of choices for off roading.

All three models are powered by single-cylinder, liquid cooled, two-stroke, reed-valve inducted engines.  The YZ250 and YZ85 have Keihin carburetors while the YZ125 has a Mikuni carb.  Transmissions on the two smaller models are six-speed while the YZ250 has a five-speed.

Suspension is fully adjustable on all three models with inverted front forks providing 12.4 inches of travel on the YZ250 and YZ125 and 10.1 inches on the YZ85.  The two larger models get 12.4 inches of rear travel from the single shock and the YZ85 is rated for 11.1 inches of travel in back.

The YZ85 has a 17 inch front tire and 14 inch tire in the rear while both the YZ250 and YZ125 have 21 inch and 19 inch tires front and back respectively.  Braking on all the two-stroke models is hydraulic single disc, back and front.

The YZ250 weighs in at 227 pounds wet with a seat height of 39.1 inches and 15 inches of ground clearance.  The largest of the three is 85.7 inches long with a 58.3 inch wheelbase.  Next in line, the YZ125 has a ride ready weight of 207 pounds, seat height of 39.3 inches and 15.2 inch ground clearance.  The wheelbase is 56.8 inches and overall length of the YZ125 is 84.1 inches.

Smallest and lightest of the three two-stroke motocross models, the YZ85 is svelte 157 pounds, has a 34 inch seat height and ground clearance of 13.8 inches.  Its length is 7.1 inches with a 49.5 inch wheelbase.

All of these models come with a 30 day limited factory warranty and are available in Team Yamaha Blue and White.  The 2013 MSRP on each model is: YZ250, $7,150.  YZ125, $6,290.  YZ85, $3,990.

2013 Yamaha WR Models, WR250F and WR250R

2013 Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha has two WR models for 2013.  The “WR” stands for wide-ratio gear box, as opposed to the close-ratio gearbox of their cousin YZ, and most motocross bikes. The WR models is based on the styling of the YZ250F with engines tuned for more controllable power.

Yamaha classifies the WR250F as a dirt bike and the WR250R as a dual purpose model.  Both bikes are powered by 250 cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, four-stroke engines.  The WR250F has a Keihin carburetor, a compression ratio of 12.5:1 and a five-speed transmission.  Yamaha gave the WR250F fuel injection, it has an 11.8:1 compression ratio and a six-speed transmission.

Both WR models have fully adjustable suspension, an inverted front fork and single rear shock.  The off road WR250F has more travel, 11.8 inches in front and 12.2 inches in back compared to the WR250R with 10.6 inches of travel both front and back.  And each bike has a 21 inch front tire and 18 inch in the rear.  There’s a 250 mm hydraulic single disc brake on the front of each bike while the WR250F gets a 245 mm rear brake and the WR250R has a 230 mm rear brake.

The off road WR250F does have lights back and front and a digital meter with two modes.  In basic mode it functions as a speedometer, odometer, twin tripmeters and clock.  In race mode it offers pace management functions like a stop watch and distance compensating tripmeter.  The dual purpose is fully street legal, is rated for 71 mpg, and has a digital meter similar to that of the WR250F.

The 2013 Yamaha WR250F has a seat height of 38.6 inches and 14.4 inches of ground clearance.  Its wheelbase is 58.3 inches with an overall length of 85.2 inches and it weighs in at 254 pounds wet.  The dual purpose 2013 Yamaha WR250R has a 295 pound wet weight with a seat height of 36.6 inches and ground clearance of 11.8 inches.  Its wheelbase is 55.9 inches and overall length is 85.6 inches.

Yamaha offers both 2013 WR models in Team Yamaha Blue and White with an MSRP of $6,690.  The WR250F comes with a 30 day limited factory warranty while the warranty on the WR250R is good for a whole year.

More On The 2013 Yamaha YZ And WR Models

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