2013 Honda Shadow And Rebel Motorcycle Lineup

Honda has announced its 2013 lineup of light-to-mid weight cruisers, the Shadow and the Rebel.  All of the 2012 models return for 2013.  There are four unique Shadow models and a standard Rebel.  These are some of the best selling entry and mid-range bikes, and some of the longest in continuous production.  When you don’t need the power of 1,000 cc or more, don’t want to worry about handling a bike that’s pushing a wet weight of 700 pounds, or don’t want to spend more than $10k, Honda has a full line of cruisers to choose from.

2013 Honda Shadow Models

2013 Honda Shadow

Introduced in 1983 to more directly target theU.S.cruiser market, the Shadow was first offered with two different engine sizes, 500 cc and 750 cc V-Twins.  Through the years Honda tweaked the displacements available on the Shadow, equipping models in the lineup with everything from 600 cc to 1,100 cc engines.  Since the 2008 model year the Shadow line has been powered exclusively by a 750 cc powerplant.  Honda has sold over a quarter of a million of the 750 cc Shadows since its introduction in 1983.

There are four distinct models in the 2013 Honda Shadow lineup, but they all share a number of elements.  Honda equips each of the Shadow models with a 745 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52 degree V-Twin engine.  The fuel injection system has automatic enrichment circuitry and a single 34 mm throttle body.  The shared engine is SOHC with three valves per cylinder.  The ignition on all Shadows is electronic, and the compression ratio is standard throughout the line, 9.6:1.  Braking on all four models is the same, a single 296 mm disc with twin-piston caliper up front and a 180 mm drum in the rear.  The Shadow Aero and Spirit 750 do have an anti-lock brake option.

Suspension on the entire line is provided by a 41 mm front fork and dual rear shocks with five-position adjustability.  The entire Shadow lineup is rated to get 56 MPG combined highway and city.  Each model except for the RS has a 3.7 gallon fuel tank.  And Honda gives each model a one year transferable, unlimited mileage warranty and offers the option of purchasing extended coverage with a Honda Protection Plan.  Honda has not yet announced the 2013 base MSRP for any of the Shadow models, but all of the 2012 models had the same base price tag of $8,240.

Shadow RS

Combining classic cruiser styling with a little roadster cool, the Shadow RS stands out from the rest of the lineup.  The bike’s ergonomics are more like those on a standard motorcycle, with a flatter seat and more neutral positioning of the footpegs, the rider sits in a more upright than he would on a typical on a cruiser.  And those footpegs are set up higher to improve ground clearance, especially in the twisties.  Flat-track racing is the inspiration behind the shape of the seat, and the peanut fuel tank, holding only 2.6 gallons with a reserve of .7 gallons; it’s the smallest tank in the Shadow line.

Setting the Shadow RS even further apart from its brother Shadow models is the chain final drive.  Like the rest of the lineup the RS does have a five-speed transmission.  The RS is the only Shadow with a 19 inch front tire and 16 inch rear tire.  This model has the highest seat, 29.4 inches; shortest wheelbase, 61.4 inches; and lightest wet weight, 503 pounds, of any of the models in the Shadow line.

Accessories available for the 2013 Honda Shadow RS include a tall or low backrest, rear carrier, saddlebags, fluted V-Design neo-retro master cylinder caps and billet license plate frame, and plain, studded or fringed touring bag and front pouch.  The Shadow RS is available in Black and should be in dealerships in December 2012.

Shadow Phantom

The darkest of the Shadow models, the Phantom combines a minimalist look and blacked-out styling cues.  Engine, frame, handlebars, rims.  They’re all blacked-out.  And that’s combined with lots of matte silver highlights that give the Phantom a certain sinister appeal.  The shorty front fender and bobbed rear fender, spoked wheels, bullet style two-into-two exhaust and gunfighter style saddle complete the picture of what Honda calls one of the wickedest customs on pavement.

Like all of the Shadow models, save the RS, the Phantom has a five-speed transmission with shaft final drive. The seat height on the Shadow Phantom is a comfortable 25.8 inches.  Wheelbase is 64.6 inches and the bike’s wet weight is 549 pounds.

In addition to accepting most of the accessories for the RS, you can customize your Phantom with a smoked Boulevard windscreen and a custom rider’s seat.  For 2013 the Honda Shadow Phantom is available in Matte Black Metallic.  It should be available in November 2012.

Shadow Aero

The 2013 Honda Aero is a classically styled cruiser.  From its full front and rear fenders, tank mounted instrument panel, two-piece seat and chrome highlights, the Aero looks like a true retro cruiser.  And it feels like one, with the heaviest wet weight of the group, coming in at 560 pounds ready to ride.  Seat height is 25.9 inches and wheelbase is 64.5 inches.

Honda has announced more accessories for the 2013 Shadow Aero than for any of the other models in the group.  They include chrome windscreen, chrome lightbar, chrome spotlight visors, chrome backrest (low or tall), chrome rear carrier and a chrome rear carrier that takes the place of the separate passenger’s seat.  Oh, did we mention there’s a little bit of chrome involved?  Other accessories include (all of these are preceded by the word “chrome”) master cylinder caps, swingarm pivot cover, front and rear fender guard rails and trim and driveshaft cover.  Honda also offers a digital audio system, leather saddlebags, touring bag, tank belt and front pouch.  Heated grips are also available for the Shadow Aero.

For 2013 the Honda Shadow Aero is available in Black or Metallic Silver and Pearl White.  If you go for the anti-lock brake model you can only get it in Black.  The Aero is due out in December 2012.

Shadow Spirit 750

With its 21 inch front tire, spoked wheels and the longest wheelbase of all the Shadow models, 65.2 inches, the 2013 Shadow Spirit 750 has a sporty attitude.  The Spirit 750 also has the lowest seat height of the bunch, just 25.7 inches.

The Shadow Spirit 750 can be outfitted with any of a number of accessories.  Touring accessories include synthetic leather saddlebags or leather studded, fringed or plain saddlebags, front pouch or touring back, and a plain or studded leather tank belt.  Chrome accessories include a lightbar, spotlight visors, tall or low backrest, rear carrier, passenger grab rails, radiator guard and driveshaft cover.  Billet accessories offered are a fluted V-Design neo-retro master cylinder cap and license plate frame and a swingarm pivot cover.  Honda also offers a digital audio system for the Spirit 750.

You can choose between two color options, Black (which is the only option on the anti-lock brake equipped Spirit 750) or Ultra Blue Metallic Flame.  The 2013 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 will be available in December 2012.

2013 Honda Rebel

2013 Honda Rebel

If you’ve ever taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Riders Course chances are you’ve ridden or seen a Honda Rebel.  The Rebel is one of the most highly recommended motorcycles for beginners.  Honda introduced the Rebel for the 1986 model year and has sold over 140,000 of them since then.  Not bad for a little 250 cc, carbureted beginner’s bike.

Sure, the Rebel’s size is confidence inspiring, but it’s also fun.  Powering the Honda Rebel is a 234 cc, air-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder, SOHC with two valves per cylinder engine with a 26 mm diaphragm-type CV carburetor.  It has a five-speed transmission and chain final drive.  There’s a 33 mm front fork and adjustable dual rear shocks providing the suspension.  The Rebel has a front single disc brake with twin-piston caliper and a drum type rear brake.  Wheelbase is 57.1 inches, seat height is 26.6 inches and the Rebel’s wet weight is an almost bench-pressable 331 pounds.  The fuel tank holds 2.6 gallons including a .7 gallon reserve.  So with its EPA estimated 84 MPG you get a range of just under 220 miles on the Rebel.

Honda gives the Rebel the same warranty as the Shadow lineup.  The 2013 Honda Rebel is available in two color options, Black or Candy Red.  Honda hasn’t announced a 2013 MSRP yet, but in 2012 the base sticker on the Rebel was $4,190.  The Rebel should be in dealerships in January 2013.

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2013 Honda Interstate, Stateline And Sabre Motorcycles

Honda introduced what was then hailed as the closest thing to a chopper ever produced by a major manufacturer, the Fury in 2009 as an early 2010 model.  For the 2010 model year Honda released three new motorcycles based on the Fury 1312 cc V-Twin engine and drivetrain with somewhat less radical styling.  As a group Honda refers to them as the 1300 Custom line. With their stretched out frames they’re aimed directly at a younger rider than the rest of the Honda cruiser line.  The Interstate, Stateline and Sabre are all back for 2013.

2013 Honda Interstate

2013 Honda Interstate

Part chopper, part Pro-Street custom and flaunting retro cruiser attitude, the Interstate is designed to eat up the miles with long distance standard features like rider floorboards, hard leather saddlebags and a custom windscreen.  Honda has actually used the Interstate name before, and each time it was given to a touring model.  Honda marketed a Gold Wing Interstate from 1980 through 1996 and the name reappeared as the full dress version of the Valkyrie from 1999 through 2001.

The original Honda VTX1300 came out in 2003, following the introduction of the line with the VTX1800 in 2002.  The Fury debuted in 2009 as an early 2010 model using an upgraded version of the VTX1300 powerplant and a new stretched-out chopper frame. The VTX1300 disappeared after the 2009 model year, replaced by the 1300 Custom lineup, including the VT1300CT Interstate.

For 2013 the Honda Interstate sports large, hard leather saddlebags, a custom full-size windscreen, and rider floorboards with heel-toe shifter. The frame is color-matched and the fork covers are matte black, further enhancing the custom look of the bike.  A curved frame downtube, pullback handlebars, deep dish fenders and beefy 17-inch front tires give the Interstate a retro old-school look.

But the Interstate is also the beneficiary of Honda’s latest technological innovations.  The 1312 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 52 degree V-Twin has a single-pin crankshaft, dual balancers and a three-valve (two intake, one exhaust) combustion chamber to deliver plenty of torque throughout the powerband.

Reliable, low maintenance shaft drive, cushiony, low-slung saddle, optional anti-lock brakes, a 4.4 gallon fuel tank and combined city/highway mileage of 46 mpg mean that the 2013 Honda Interstate is ready to roll on and on.

Riders can customize their Interstate with any of Honda’s long list of accessories, like custom grips, a smoked Boulevard windscreen, or passenger floorboards.  Custom touring bags, plain, studded or fringed are also available, along with a front pouch with the same finish options.  Styling options include a plain or studded tank belt, engine guard, chrome side covers, billet dipstick, fork nut covers, side cover, PIAA driving lights and braided throttle and clutch lines and brake hoses.  Add to the comfort and convenience of a 2013 Honda Interstate with optional custom rider seat, low or tall backrest, rear carrier and a digital audio system.

2013 Interstate Specs

The Interstate is powered by a 1312 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, SOHC with three valves per cylinder, 52 degree V-Twin with digital ignition and two spark plugs per cylinder.  Compression ratio on the Interstate is 9.2:1.  The bike has a five-speed transmission with shaft final drive.  Front braking is provided by a single 336 mm disc with twin-piston caliper and in the back there’s a 296 mm disc with single-piston caliper.  Anti-lock brakes are an option.

Front suspension is a 41 mm fork with 4 inches of travel.  There’s a single rear shock with 3.9 inches of travel.  The Interstate has a rake of 33 degrees (caster angle) and a trail of 4.6 inches.  This is a long motorcycle, with a 70.3 inch wheelbase. And it’s heavy, with a ready-to-ride weight of 712 pounds.  Honda offers a transferable, unlimited mileage, one year limited factory warranty and extended coverage with the purchase of a Honda Protection Plan.  For 2013 the Interstate is available in Light Silver Metallic.  Base MSRP on the Interstate is $13,240, with ABS the base MSRP goes to $14,240.

2013 Honda Stateline

2013 Honda Stateline

Honda can’t say enough about the 2013 Stateline.  Call it retro-progressive, or the merging of classic cruiser design and cutting edge technology, the Stateline represents a fresh look for cruisers.  Sharing the 1312 cc powerplant and basic frame design with the rest of the 1300 Customs, the Stateline stands out with the lowest seat height, 26.7 inches, of the line.  And the unique styling cues don’t end there.

The Stateline has old school, wide pullback handlebars, silver-finish five-spoke wheels, full valanced fenders front and back and blacked-out cylinder fins on the engine that set it apart from the rest of Honda’s cruiser lineup.  The Stateline instrument panel is mounted on the tank, keeping a clean look in the handlebar area.

Many of the accessories listed for the Interstate will also work on the Stateline.  Those listed specially for the Stateline include a clear tall windscreen, and 24-liter or 18-liter saddlebags, either plain or studded.  Honda also offers a scorpion/flame detailed custom rider seat for the Stateline.

2013 Stateline Specs

The Stateline shares most specs with both the Interstate and the Sabre, including the engine, tranny, suspension and brakes.  The Stateline also has optional anti-lock brakes.  Fuel capacity and estimated MPG are the same on all three 1300 Custom models.  The Stateline and Interstate also share tire size and rake and trail specs.  The Stateline has the shortest wheelbase of the three models, coming in at 70.1 inches and the lowest seat height, 26.7 inches.  Wet weight for the Stateline is 672 pounds.  The warranty on the bike is the same as that of the Interstate.  Honda offers the 2013 Stateline in Black.  Base MSRP for the 2013 Honda Stateline is $12,150.  The ABS option takes the MSRP to $13,150.

2013 Honda Sabre

2013 Honda Sabre

How do you differentiate three motorcycles based on the same engine and frame of a fourth bike?  That’s what Honda has managed to do with the 1300 Custom line, all inspired by the powerplant and chassis of the Fury.  The 2013 Honda Sabre manages to stand out from the rest of the lineup with its combination of dragster and boulevard styling. The ergonomics of the Sabre are designed for performance and stunning looks.

The Sabre features a tall 21 inch front tire, shorty fenders front and back and aggressively low set handlebars.  A tank mounted instrument panel, five-spoke cast wheels, slim radiator mounts, and clean, stripped down lines make the Sabre stand out from the rest of the line and other cruisers as well.

In addition to being able to accept most of the accessories that will fit the Interstate and Stateline, you can customize your Sabre with rider footpegs, a black and red front spoiler, spoiler LED accent lights and 18 liter saddlebags, either plain or studded.

2013 Sabre Specs

The Sabre uses the same 1312 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 52 degree V-Twin as its 1300 Custom stablemates.  Five-speed transmission, shaft final drive, suspension and brakes are all shared with the rest of the line.  Anti-locks are also available as an option.  The Sabre has the same size rear tire, 15 inch, as the Stateline and Interstate, but a taller 21 inch front tire.  It has the tallest seat height of the group, at 26.9 inches, and a 4.5 inch trail, compared to the 4.6 inches of the Interstate and Stateline.  The Sabre is the lightest of the three, with a wet weight of 664 pounds.  Honda gives new owners the same transferable, unlimited mileage limited factory warranty with an extended coverage option as the rest of the lineup.   For 2013 the Sabre comes in black with a base MSRP of $12,250.  ABS on the Sabre hikes the MSRP to $13,250.

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2013 Honda Civic Review

For another predictable year, the 2013 Honda Civic is a fabulous deal if you are looking for a combination of reliability, a spacious interior and a great fuel sipper all for a good deal. However, many car industry insiders believe the 2013 model has lost its benchmark status from year’s past.

2013 Honda Civic Exterior

Honda has decided to revamp the 2013 Civic. This happened just one year after the 2012 model underwent a major redesign from its last major overhaul in 2006. Even though most details have not been released to the public, many speculate the 2013 Civic’s styling and the interior will see some major changes to it. The Civic’s front and back-ends are expected to be a bit more pronounced, while the fascias (front and back), an improved grille, updated tail lamps and wheels are the most pronounced changes. This year’s Civic still features two hybrid models with a gas-electric engine; however its overall mileage rating for all 2013 models will not change. The overall measurements of the car have not changed.

There are some notable improvements to the 2013 Honda Civic. One interesting thing to note is that even though the wheelbase has been shortened by one inch, this ninth-generation of the Civic has more legroom (1.6 inches, in fact) and shoulder width. This is an amazing feat by Honda, regarding its wheelbase shortening; we say this because when a wheelbase is shortened, passenger legroom typically is lost. However, due to Honda’s ingenious engineering, they have bucked the expected results.

On standard Honda Civic models, there will be a 5-inch screen to the right of the speedometer. This screen works in tandem with Honda’s smart Multi-Information Display (i-MID) and gives the operator information on fuel, audio and trip related readouts. Those cars with a navigation system will feature a 6.5-inch screen in order to enable drivers to better read maps. This year’s audio system buttons are still ergonomically designed; however, there is a slight learning curve when it comes to the steering wheel buttons that manage the audio system, the i-MID and the hands-free cell-phone system.

2013 Honda Civic Interior

Depending on the model, there are some differences for Honda’s Civic model this year. The following models are available in both sedan and coupe varieties: the base DX model, the ever popular LX, the more luxurious EX, the leather-interior EX-L and the sports-version Si. However, the following models only are available in sedans: the fuel-sipping HF, the Civic Hybrid and the natural-gas-running Civic Natural Gas.

When it comes to what is under the hood of the 2013 Civic, most car experts believe there will not be many changes. Regardless of the trim one selects, DX, LX, HF, EX or the EX-L, it will more than likely have the standard 1.8-liter engine that still produces 140 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. While the engine seems standard and competitive against its competitors, the decreased weight of the Honda Civic design gives it an edge when it comes to performance.

In addition to the standard models, there are higher-end and hybrid models that Honda is still producing for the 2013 model year. The Si trim features a 2.4-liter engine that produces 201 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque. Test drivers of this model say it responds in an instant and its suspension makes driving bump-free. When it comes to hybrids, these models use Honda’s proprietary Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) gas-power electric power-trains. Using a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, one will get great gas mileage. This passive gas to electric power and vice-versa system sips gas while still giving drivers 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque.

When it comes to the Civic, gas mileage certainly depends on the model and what’s under the hood. The DX and LX models get 28/36 mileage with a manual transmission. The EX and EX-L models get 28/39 mileage ratings with an automatic transmission. HF models receive 29/41 while the Si models are able to produce a 22/31 mileage rating, partly because these can only take 91-octane gas as its base fuel. For the hybrid models, Honda really makes its hybrids stand out because they are really some of the most fuel efficient multi-fuel vehicles found anywhere on the market. Recent figures for the hybrid models rate the Honda Civic hybrid as getting 44 miles per gallon city/highway combined.

When it comes to prices, it truly varies based on the model and trim level. Overall, prices for the entire range of Civic models ranges from about $17,000 to $28,000. The DX trim is priced at about $17,200 for a five-speed manual and $17,900 for an automatic transmission. The coupe version is about $17,000 and $17,700 for manual and automatic transmissions respectively. The LX ranges in price from about $19,000 to $20,000. The HF trim comes in at about $21,000. The EX trims come in at about $21,000 to $22,000. The EX coupe and sedan models are priced at about $23,000, while the EX-L varies between $23,000 to $25,000 depending on what’s inside and under the hood. The Si sedan and coupe options both come in at about $24,000 to $25,000 depending on options. Depending on the type of hybrid model one chooses, one is able to pick one of these models up at about $25,000 to $28,000.

As we mentioned earlier, the Honda Civic is still a great competitor, but has recently been experiencing some great competition. Ford has introduced its Focus model, coming out with brand new 2013 sedan and hatchback models costing $17,700 and $19,500 respectively and as much as $30,000 for every possible option. Another competitor, the Chevy Cruze is the least flashy car of the Civics’ competitors. Available only in a four-door sedan, this is the most reserved driving car and starts at about $18,000 and can reach almost $26,000 fully loaded. Hyundai has its Elantra model competing against the Civic. Available in a sedan style, this car is available for $18,000 to $20,000.

A Look at the 2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord has been one of Honda’s greatest selling cars for many years. The 2013 model will be no exception. As the ninth generation of the Accord model, Honda is keeping up its 10Best winner design and is adding more and more upgrades to this car. Unlike other car makers who make competing mid-size cars, this year’s Accord model is still going to be available in both a coupe and sedan design.

2013 Honda Accord Exterior

Like similar 2013 models, it seems that more and more car makers are giving existing models extensive overhauls, especially when looking at past models of the preceding few years. The 2013 Accord is not immune from this overhaul. Featuring a more compact body, the new Accord will also weight less than the current 2012 model. This year’s model will also feature less pronounced lines and display a styling the flows throughout the entire car. The hood has undergone a “hood-lift” and the revamped bottom front fascia provides this year’s model with a stronger look. These changes are in stark contrasted to past year’s models that had a backend with a more rounded off design.

Automotive industry insiders have found out that the recent and comprehensive revamp of the Honda Accord is in response to competitors. After surveying and test driving the 2013 Accord, car enthusiasts can literally see the optional LED daytime running lights in action. They speculate that Honda has included options such as the daytime running lights because it is trying to have its more budget friendly car go head to head with higher priced competitors’ cars such as the 2013 Kia Optima SX Limited, the 2013 Ford Fusion, and other sedans and coupes from Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Nissan.

2013 Honda Accord Exterior

The 2013 Accord offers its customers a bevy of engine choices that will literally satisfy any budget and/or environmental conscious customer. Bucking the trend of its competitors, Honda is sticking with a six-cylinder engine, specifically improving the power and efficiency of its 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine. However, the vast majority of the 2013 models available will feature its 4-cylinder model. Honda’s 2.4-liter engine might seem a little lacking compared to its optional six-cylinder engine, but one should not worry because it still packs plenty of power. Its direct-injection, 181 horsepower, 177 lb-ft of torque four-cylinder engine still gives you ample power and saves you gas. Whether you drive stick or you prefer automatic, the 2013 Accord is available in either a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for its automatic transmission option. Honda chose to implement the CVT technology for its automatic transmissions because these can be modified with no steps through an unlimited number of measurable gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.

In addition to gas engine options, the 2013 Accord has hybrid engine options. Its plug-in hybrid version marries a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with a 161 horsepower electric motor. Drivers also have a 6-KWH lithium-ion battery that is fully chargeable in four hours or less and offers a range between 10 to 15 miles (in the city). The Accord’s hybrid models are very easy to use because they can be charged through your home’s regular 120-volt outlet. There are three different modes:  100% electric, hybrid, and “direct drive,” which means you are exclusively using gas.

As of mid-July 2012, consumers have yet to be able to purchase one, but dealers are not prohibited from ordering a new 2013 for their customers. When it comes to trims as well as standard and available options for the 2013 Accord, Honda has not spared anything to spoil their customers. This year’s trim options are as follows:  LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, V6 EX-L and V6 Touring.

Picking up a sedan model, one receives the following standard features on their new car: chrome door handles, a rear-view mirror, 16-inch wheels, independent climate zones with respective controls, a security system, Bluetooth technology, USB jacks, passive on and off headlights, and an 8-inch i-MID TFT screen that is Pandora and text message ready.

Customers purchasing Honda’s Sport trim get an Accord with standard 18-inch wheels, fog lights, a dual exhaust system, a stylish rear spoiler, paddle shifters and an 8-way power driver’s seat. Looking at the EX trim model, 17-inch wheels are standard, which can be fasted upon each corner as Honda has set it up with its proprietary LaneWatch technology – in plain English it captures and displays what is in one’s blind sport. The EX also has side mirrors featuring lighted signal indicators along with an automated moonroof.

When choosing the EX-L trim option, one receives Honda’s best four-cylinder engine, luxurious leather seats along with a full leather steering wheel, a full audio system with a generous touchscreen, a multi-angle review camera, a forward collision and lane switching warning systems, satellite radio, heated passenger and driver seats, and a fully functioning GPS system can be installed as part of an overall upgrade package. If one selects the six-cylinder EX-L they enjoy all of the standard options from the basic EX-L trim along with LED daytime running lights, a specially designed dual exhaust system that distinguishes itself from the more inexpensive four-cylinder models and Homelink.

When it comes to the V6 EX-L model, standard features include LED headlights that run all the time. This trim model also features Homelink and a dual exhaust system – both features make this model highly distinguishable from the cheaper, four-cylinder models. The Touring model seems to be left up to the imagination because all the information that Honda has released simply says it comes with all of the features on the EX-L model, plus additional car features.

A new Touring model was also noted on the release, but simply said “Includes all of the aforementioned EX-L features and some additional car features.”

When it comes to price, consumers will get a much more definitive price point on cars in the specific areas when they are available in the fall. However, general figures for this year’s model have base sedan models coming in at about $22,270, with the base coupe models starting at about $23,870 and the more luxurious and loaded models one gets, it can reach as much as $30,000. Hybrid models with all of the bells and whistles, including a high performing six-cylinder engine, are predicted to price comfortably beyond the $30,000 mark.