2013 Honda Fit Overview

Honda is continuing its Fit model for the 2013 automotive year. Building on its already reliable and subcompact line, this year’s model has some notable features and improvements exclusive to 2013. Along with maintaining its roomy, economical and no frills approach to operating and maintaining a car, it has an even greater layer of insulation which keeps unnecessary sounds out when driving. Available in only two options for 2013, Base and Sport, Honda has chosen to keep things simple and focus on delivering a great subcompact car at a great price for customers.

Looking at the exterior one might be delightfully surprised after taking a full survey of it from bumper to bumper. First looks show that the 2013 Honda Fit has a tiny nose, if at all. The top of the car has a noticeable but extremely gradual arc extending all the way to the tiny spoiler on top of the back window of the car. The lines of this arc give onlookers a subliminal message of beauty. More flattering attributes include its brand new black-bezeled headlights that work seamlessly with an expansive, coarser-textured grille to create a uniform visual unit. The peripheral side pods running across the lower air opening give the appearance of the caring having an additional grille with a reduced fog-light.

The 2013 Honda Fit is not lacking any sort of safety features. The chassis is specially designed to withstand the crushing forces of a motor vehicle accident. With its frame rails built in a polygonal designed, engineers have found out that this design most effectively dissipates energy from an accident throughout the car; this design enables the car to sustain damages and not the driver and passengers inside. Through the bowed crossmember, located beneath the dashboard, the bumper and sheetmetal in the foreground of the windshield are all specifically designed to bend and soak up the energy in place of occupants sustaining injuries.

Other safety features, standard on all models for 2013, include side, front and side curtain airbags. Seat belt pretensioners, anti-lock brakes, an electronic stability control system and specially engineered seat belt pretensioners are all included to keep passengers safe and injuries to a minimum.

2013 Honda Fit Exterior

Whatever model you end up choosing, either the Base or the Sport, a 1.5-litre engine is the only engine available for this car. It still packs plenty of power with its 117 horsepower able to reach up to 6600 rpm, while it can produce 4800 rpm at 106 lb-ft of torque. Reviewers have said, time and time again, that this small but mighty engine packs plenty of power, even for climbs up steep hills and passing on the highway. The Base model, with a five-speed manual transmission, gets up to 28 mpg around town and 35 miles driving on the freeway. The Base model is also available in a five-speed automatic transmission. The Sport model, with your choice of a five-speed manual, automatic or automatic transmission with navigation, gets on average 27 miles per gallon in the city and 33 per gallon on the highway.

There are countless amenities and features worth noting on the 2013 Honda Fit. Through its elongate dashboard, to the windshield, the Honda Fit comes off as a larger car. There is also bigger than average legroom in this car, which is due to the rake windshield. Sneak-peak drivers have also discovered the large greenhouse design and massive mirrors. These two options provide drivers of any stature the ability to see in virtually any direction, which is attributed to the lengthwise and minimally obstructed rear glass. Parking is a breeze, even in the smallest of parking spaces.

There are even more features that give you the versatility of a small car with the storage of a large car. The rear seats are able to be folded forward and flattened to increase and maximize cargo space. This car is so versatile that the forward passenger seat reclines back and forth almost completely so you can transport a canoe in this car – talk about storage! The seats come upholstered in factory black fabric that is very smooth to touch and it is affixed to the seats with top-notch bolstering. Some reviewers have even said that these seats are sports car worthy. There is plenty of storage for cargo inside the car for luggage and goodies on the go with its plethora of cupholders and storage areas above, below and to the side of seating areas. Compared to Toyota’s Yaris, Ford’s Fiesta and the Mazda2, the 2013 Honda Fit is number one for back legroom.

2013 Honda Fit Interior

Looking at the 2013 Honda Fit, there are a wide variety of options and models. There are two different models with three total trims. There is the Base model and the Sport model which is available with and without the Navigation label. Main differences between the two models and the three total options are based on standard and optional equipment, including technology add-ons. The Sport trim model also offers wheels that are an inch bigger than the Base model’s.

Standard features on both the Base and Sport models are quite extensive. Gauges and instrumentation include an odometer, a trip specific odometer, an option to measure the average miles per gallon on-demand, and how much life is left to the engine’s oil. Other factory components feature 15-inch wheels, a universal receptacle for portable music players, a USB port and a 160-watt speaker/stereo system with quad speakers. There is also cruise control and keyless entry for every 2013 model.

Summing up the 2013 Honda Fit is quite easy. Honda has built the 2013 Fit to be the perfect mix of comfort, fuel efficiency, good looks, luxury and safety. Honda has not skimped one iota on its engineering know-how, turning this car into a great overall value. Looking at the long list of safety features, to its enormous storage capacity to its great looks and fuel efficiency, the Fit is the “perfect fit” for a wide cross section of consumers. Even though is price starts in the low $15,00s and reaches almost $20,000 for the Base, Sport and Sport Navigation models respectively, is it well worth what is under the hood, inside and added to keep its occupants safe.