Spyder Motorcycle

Check out the latest Spyder Motorcycle models on PowersportsTV.com.  There are eight 2013 models including the Spyder ST, RT Limited, RS, RT, RT-S, RS-S, ST-S, and the ST Limited.  The MSRP range from $16,699 for the RS to $25,899 for the RT-S.

2013 Can-Am Spyder RT-S

There is no better time to buy a new Spyder motorcycle than right now because Can-Am has a special promotion going on called the “Countdown to Summer” event.  With this you can buy a new Spyder for as low as $199-$299 per month plus on 2011-2012 models you can save an additional $1000-$2000.  If that wasn’t enough you will also get a 3 year extended warranty with roadside assistance plus up to $225 rebates for accessories.

Countdown to Summer Event

If you think a new Spyder might be in your future, I would recommend a few ways to try it out.  The first way is find a demo day in your area.  Can-Am has quite a few of these going on around the country.  Second, some dealers offer test rides where you can go to your local dealer and take the Spyder out on the road and see how you like it.  Third, some dealers offer Spyder rentals where you could rent one for a day or two and see if you are ready to commit to spend $20k on a new one.  These are all great ways to try out a Spyder before you buy.