Tesla S Test Drive

I test drove a Tesla S today.  Clearly the Tesla retail experience is better from traditional auto shopping and this car is the way of the future!  Tesla has stores where the other Auto Manufacturers have Dealerships.  Tesla owns their stores where other auto manufacturers have franchises.

First impressions are this is a “with it”, 21st century car.  Electronics and controls reminded me more of an iphone or ipad than a car.  The other auto manufacturers are far behind in this area.

Pros are this car is FAST!  With no transmission or gears the power continuum is smooth and consistent -what a pleasure this is!  I started thinking about saving $5,000 a year because I’d no longer need to purchase gasoline.  I also was thinking there aren’t a lot of moving parts in this car to service compared to a traditional car with an engine, transmission, differential, etc.

Cons are flat (not contoured) seat pans, headroom in the rear seats, and stepping out of the rear seats situations over the rear axle (but this has become common is many other cars).

On my test drive I accelerated onto the highway then aggressively switched out of the on ramp into one of the primary highway lanes.  When I squared the car with the new lane I felt an instability in the front steering.  The Associate with me assured me it was the alignment and tires on this particular car but I’m not sure.  I’d like to spend more time with an S to better understand this issue.  This actually became my #1 issue with the car.