Hi Performance Tracks for ATVs and UTVs


Try driving your wheeled ATV or UTV in snow or on muddy ground. Spinning wheels dig into soft surfaces and get buried very quickly. Camoplast tracks are engineered to provide bite for superior traction and pulling power.

Operating your vehicle with a Camoplast track kit is comparable to operating an ATV or UTV on wheels, with a few distinct advantages.

Superior Floatation

The exclusive triangular geometry of Camoplast tracks assures far less concentrated down pressure so the vehicle simply doesn’t sink like it would on wheels. With 2,000 to 2,470 square inches of floatation, the weight of your vehicle and its load are spread over a much greater area to maximize floatation.

Superior Traction

Camoplast draws from more than 50 years of expertise with snowmobile tracks to design track conversion kits that maximize traction for any ATV and UTV, large or small.

Our fine tuned track tread technology spreads traction over a large surface area to work in tandem with other precision engineering features that assure your vehicle’s carrying and pulling power is never compromised.

For a 900 lbs ATV (including driver) the average pressure on the ground in soft terrain is:

ON TRACKS: 0.55 PSI (3.79 KPa)ON WHEELS: 2.00 PSI (13.79 KPa)