A Look at the 2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord has been one of Honda’s greatest selling cars for many years. The 2013 model will be no exception. As the ninth generation of the Accord model, Honda is keeping up its 10Best winner design and is adding more and more upgrades to this car. Unlike other car makers who make competing mid-size cars, this year’s Accord model is still going to be available in both a coupe and sedan design.

2013 Honda Accord Exterior

Like similar 2013 models, it seems that more and more car makers are giving existing models extensive overhauls, especially when looking at past models of the preceding few years. The 2013 Accord is not immune from this overhaul. Featuring a more compact body, the new Accord will also weight less than the current 2012 model. This year’s model will also feature less pronounced lines and display a styling the flows throughout the entire car. The hood has undergone a “hood-lift” and the revamped bottom front fascia provides this year’s model with a stronger look. These changes are in stark contrasted to past year’s models that had a backend with a more rounded off design.

Automotive industry insiders have found out that the recent and comprehensive revamp of the Honda Accord is in response to competitors. After surveying and test driving the 2013 Accord, car enthusiasts can literally see the optional LED daytime running lights in action. They speculate that Honda has included options such as the daytime running lights because it is trying to have its more budget friendly car go head to head with higher priced competitors’ cars such as the 2013 Kia Optima SX Limited, the 2013 Ford Fusion, and other sedans and coupes from Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Nissan.

2013 Honda Accord Exterior

The 2013 Accord offers its customers a bevy of engine choices that will literally satisfy any budget and/or environmental conscious customer. Bucking the trend of its competitors, Honda is sticking with a six-cylinder engine, specifically improving the power and efficiency of its 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine. However, the vast majority of the 2013 models available will feature its 4-cylinder model. Honda’s 2.4-liter engine might seem a little lacking compared to its optional six-cylinder engine, but one should not worry because it still packs plenty of power. Its direct-injection, 181 horsepower, 177 lb-ft of torque four-cylinder engine still gives you ample power and saves you gas. Whether you drive stick or you prefer automatic, the 2013 Accord is available in either a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for its automatic transmission option. Honda chose to implement the CVT technology for its automatic transmissions because these can be modified with no steps through an unlimited number of measurable gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.

In addition to gas engine options, the 2013 Accord has hybrid engine options. Its plug-in hybrid version marries a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with a 161 horsepower electric motor. Drivers also have a 6-KWH lithium-ion battery that is fully chargeable in four hours or less and offers a range between 10 to 15 miles (in the city). The Accord’s hybrid models are very easy to use because they can be charged through your home’s regular 120-volt outlet. There are three different modes:  100% electric, hybrid, and “direct drive,” which means you are exclusively using gas.

As of mid-July 2012, consumers have yet to be able to purchase one, but dealers are not prohibited from ordering a new 2013 for their customers. When it comes to trims as well as standard and available options for the 2013 Accord, Honda has not spared anything to spoil their customers. This year’s trim options are as follows:  LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, V6 EX-L and V6 Touring.

Picking up a sedan model, one receives the following standard features on their new car: chrome door handles, a rear-view mirror, 16-inch wheels, independent climate zones with respective controls, a security system, Bluetooth technology, USB jacks, passive on and off headlights, and an 8-inch i-MID TFT screen that is Pandora and text message ready.

Customers purchasing Honda’s Sport trim get an Accord with standard 18-inch wheels, fog lights, a dual exhaust system, a stylish rear spoiler, paddle shifters and an 8-way power driver’s seat. Looking at the EX trim model, 17-inch wheels are standard, which can be fasted upon each corner as Honda has set it up with its proprietary LaneWatch technology – in plain English it captures and displays what is in one’s blind sport. The EX also has side mirrors featuring lighted signal indicators along with an automated moonroof.

When choosing the EX-L trim option, one receives Honda’s best four-cylinder engine, luxurious leather seats along with a full leather steering wheel, a full audio system with a generous touchscreen, a multi-angle review camera, a forward collision and lane switching warning systems, satellite radio, heated passenger and driver seats, and a fully functioning GPS system can be installed as part of an overall upgrade package. If one selects the six-cylinder EX-L they enjoy all of the standard options from the basic EX-L trim along with LED daytime running lights, a specially designed dual exhaust system that distinguishes itself from the more inexpensive four-cylinder models and Homelink.

When it comes to the V6 EX-L model, standard features include LED headlights that run all the time. This trim model also features Homelink and a dual exhaust system – both features make this model highly distinguishable from the cheaper, four-cylinder models. The Touring model seems to be left up to the imagination because all the information that Honda has released simply says it comes with all of the features on the EX-L model, plus additional car features.

A new Touring model was also noted on the release, but simply said “Includes all of the aforementioned EX-L features and some additional car features.”

When it comes to price, consumers will get a much more definitive price point on cars in the specific areas when they are available in the fall. However, general figures for this year’s model have base sedan models coming in at about $22,270, with the base coupe models starting at about $23,870 and the more luxurious and loaded models one gets, it can reach as much as $30,000. Hybrid models with all of the bells and whistles, including a high performing six-cylinder engine, are predicted to price comfortably beyond the $30,000 mark.