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Rockwell Cycles


Rockwell Cycles logo
Rockwell Cycles

Fort Montgomery, New York 10922

5 Star Rating: Recommended
Husqvarna Dealer in Fort Montgomery, New York Ducati Dealer in Fort Montgomery, New York Aprilia Dealer in Fort Montgomery, New York Triumph Dealer in Fort Montgomery, New York
(Rockwell Cycles rated 5/5 based on 8 review.)



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0 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 04/21/12
Nick Rockwell is the nastiest, crudest, insulting, irrational,,arrogant, low class, liar, I have ever met in my 69 years. If you take your bike there or buy there you will be the victim of the owners insanity. This is not a joke!
0 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 12/02/10
Hey, I like your new website. Bought my GT1000 at Rockwell, and have had quite a bit of work done on it; replaced shocks, seat, sprocket, pipes etc. Rockwell did a great job...good customer service and overall very satisfied
0 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 12/02/10
The level of professionalism and passion reminds me of my experience with Amol Motorcycles many years ago when I rode BMW. Actually better. The culture of the place encourages trust and they understand that finding the absolute best possible product for your particular needs is more important that just making a sale. That means taking the time to ensure that what you\'re getting into (either a bike or gear) is exactly right for you. The place may be flooded with opinions but its all coming form a good place. They care. \"
0 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 09/13/10
I went in there and saw a Bimota DB5R and a DB7. You just don\'t see bikes like these everwhere. And I was really impressed with the race bikes they had. I think one of them was practically all custom made, it was realy cool, you should check this place out.
0 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 08/20/10
This place has the greatest selction of motorcycle gear. I brought my girlfriend there and they outfitted her from head to toe. I had a track day coming up and they set me up in Sidi vortice boots;(they had them in my size!), and alpinestar supertech gloves. They will even take measurements for a custom race suit if you are not a stock size or want something unique. They are the best!
5 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 03/11/10
I am the proud owner of a Ducati, I can honestly say I would Not Bring my bike to be worked on, nor would I purchase a new Ducati from any other dealer than Rockwell Cycles.
5 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 03/11/10
They are a small mom and pop store, they have one of the best shops I have ever seen, they have allways taken the best care of my bike, I wouldn't trust it to any one else, I would recommend them to anyone.
4 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 08/12/09
Three months ago, I purchased a used 2002 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport in excellent condition with 8500 miles from a private individual. Previous owner says he had a rear tire installed by Rockwell Cycles in June 2006. Bike had 5500 miles at time of service according to Rockwell Cycle's service receipt. Only 3500 miles later, the same bike experiences a rear axle bearing failure at 9000 miles, causing the rear wheel to wobble while I'm riding on the Cross Bronx Expressway. I stop riding immediately and truck the bike to my motorcycle mechanic in Brooklyn. My mechanic tells me that one of the rear axle bearings collapsed and the axle bearing spacer is deformed. He says this is very rare and probably due to someone over-torquing the axle. I call Nick, Service Manager at Rockwell Cycles to discuss the problem. Nick admits that they accidentally damaged the rear axle bearings in June 2006 while installing the rear tire, which caused an axle bearing failure when the previous owner tried to ride home. Rockwell Cycles replaced the damaged rear axle bearing at that time. Nick says Rockwell Cycles is not responsible for the second axle bearing failure because the bike has changed hands, and three years have passed. He offers no explanation other than "we replace lots of customer's axle bearings" and "everybody makes mistakes". Draw your own conclusion.