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Dennys Motorsports


Dennys Motorsports logo
Dennys Motorsports
2025 Bedford St
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15904

1 Star Rating: Recommended
Yamaha Dealer in Johnstown, Pennsylvania Kawasaki Dealer in Johnstown, Pennsylvania Hyosung Dealer in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
(Dennys Motorsports rated 1/5 based on 1 review.)


Updating Inventories

USED INVENTORY - Hyosung | Kawasaki | Yamaha |

2011 Hyosung GV 650 2011 Hyosung GV 650
MSRP: $6799
2011 Hyosung GV 250 2011 Hyosung GV 250
MSRP: $3899
2011 Hyosung GT 650R 2011 Hyosung GT 650R
MSRP: $6199
2011 Hyosung GT 650 2011 Hyosung GT 650
MSRP: $5499
2011 Hyosung GT 250R 2011 Hyosung GT 250R
MSRP: $3999
2011 Hyosung GT 250 2011 Hyosung GT 250
MSRP: $3699
2010 Hyosung GT 250 2010 Hyosung GT 250
MSRP: $3699
2010 Hyosung GT 250R 2010 Hyosung GT 250R
MSRP: $3999
2010 Hyosung GT 650 2010 Hyosung GT 650
MSRP: $5499
2010 Hyosung GT 650R 2010 Hyosung GT 650R
MSRP: $6199
2010 Hyosung GV 250 2010 Hyosung GV 250
MSRP: $3899
2010 Hyosung GV 650 2010 Hyosung GV 650
MSRP: $6799
2010 Hyosung ST7 Base 2010 Hyosung ST7 Base
MSRP: $7299
2009 Hyosung Aquila GV250 2009 Hyosung Aquila GV250
MSRP: $3699
2009 Hyosung Avitar GV650 2009 Hyosung Avitar GV650
MSRP: $6699
2009 Hyosung Avitar GV650 SE 2009 Hyosung Avitar GV650 SE
MSRP: $7499
2009 Hyosung GT 250 2009 Hyosung GT 250
MSRP: $3499
2009 Hyosung GT 250R 2009 Hyosung GT 250R
MSRP: $3799
2009 Hyosung GT 650 2009 Hyosung GT 650
MSRP: $5399
2009 Hyosung GT 650S 2009 Hyosung GT 650S
MSRP: $5699
2009 Hyosung GT 650R 2009 Hyosung GT 650R
MSRP: $6099
2009 Hyosung MS3 250 2009 Hyosung MS3 250
MSRP: $4499
2009 Hyosung Prima SF50 2009 Hyosung Prima SF50
MSRP: $1799
2009 Hyosung Rally SF50 2009 Hyosung Rally SF50
MSRP: $1899
2009 Hyosung Sense SD50 2009 Hyosung Sense SD50
MSRP: $1599
2008 Hyosung Comet GT250 2008 Hyosung Comet GT250
MSRP: $3399
2008 Hyosung MS3 250 2008 Hyosung MS3 250
MSRP: $4299
2008 Hyosung Rally SF50R 2008 Hyosung Rally SF50R
MSRP: $1699
2008 Hyosung Prima SF50 2008 Hyosung Prima SF50
MSRP: $1599
2008 Hyosung Sense SD50 2008 Hyosung Sense SD50
MSRP: $1299
2008 Hyosung Comet GT250R 2008 Hyosung Comet GT250R
MSRP: $3799
2008 Hyosung Comet GT650 2008 Hyosung Comet GT650
MSRP: $5099
2008 Hyosung Comet GT650R 2008 Hyosung Comet GT650R
MSRP: $6099
2008 Hyosung Aquila GV250 2008 Hyosung Aquila GV250
MSRP: $3499
2008 Hyosung Avitar GV650 2008 Hyosung Avitar GV650
MSRP: $6299
2007 Hyosung Comet GT250 2007 Hyosung Comet GT250
MSRP: $3199
2007 Hyosung Comet GT250R 2007 Hyosung Comet GT250R
MSRP: $3699
2007 Hyosung Comet GT650R 2007 Hyosung Comet GT650R
MSRP: $5899
2007 Hyosung Aquila GV250 2007 Hyosung Aquila GV250
MSRP: $3399
2007 Hyosung Sense SD50 2007 Hyosung Sense SD50
MSRP: $1399
2007 Hyosung Comet GT650S 2007 Hyosung Comet GT650S
MSRP: $5399
2007 Hyosung Avitar GV650 2007 Hyosung Avitar GV650
MSRP: $6199
2007 Hyosung Rally SF50R 2007 Hyosung Rally SF50R
MSRP: $1699
2007 Hyosung Prima SF50 2007 Hyosung Prima SF50
MSRP: $1599
2006 Hyosung GT 250 2006 Hyosung GT 250
MSRP: $3794
2006 Hyosung GT 250R 2006 Hyosung GT 250R
MSRP: $3699
2006 Hyosung GT 650 2006 Hyosung GT 650
MSRP: $5694
2006 Hyosung GT 650S 2006 Hyosung GT 650S
MSRP: $6094
2006 Hyosung GT 650R 2006 Hyosung GT 650R
MSRP: $6494
2006 Hyosung GV 250 2006 Hyosung GV 250
MSRP: $3994
2006 Hyosung GV 650 2006 Hyosung GV 650
MSRP: $6694
2006 Hyosung RX 125 2006 Hyosung RX 125
2006 Hyosung SF 50 2006 Hyosung SF 50
MSRP: $1599
2006 Hyosung SF 50B 2006 Hyosung SF 50B
MSRP: $1599
2006 Hyosung SF 50R 2006 Hyosung SF 50R
MSRP: $1699
2006 Hyosung SD 50 2006 Hyosung SD 50
MSRP: $1399


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1 Star Rating: Recommended Posted On: 04/09/09
Well when Denny the owner tells me that he's got a really nice bike he say it's a "repo" and it has low mileage. Well I ended up getting the one next to it instead and I find out that a guy I met at out local motorcycle rally (Thunder in the Valley)in Johnstown tells me he bought a bike from DEnny and turns out he said he had a lemon lawyer win him a refund because Denny couldn't provide "adequate" warranty services and the bike was breaking down to much and Denny was to incompetent and turns out he still has the vin number on some papers at his house so he gives me the vin and then I take a trip to Denny's motor sports Here I look and would you be so freekin surprised ? The vin numbers matched lol !! So Denny sells lemons and tells everyone it's a repo! unbelievable. But now I got a lawyer to and got my money back!!! Beware of disgruntled small businesses in Johnstown,pa there seems to be a abundance of them these days. Just ask around. Everyone one these days in Johnstown seems to have something negative to say about DEnny's motorsports. Don't believe the warranties he offers. He has no intention of providing you with any decent service. All he wants you to do is giver your money to him and get you the heck out of there. And he takes months to turn in registration paper work to penn dot and DMV had my motorcycle for six months and by the time I got a lemon law lawyer and get an agreement with the manufacturer to give my money back I still didn't have the title and I called the dmv and penn dot and they say Denny never submitted the paperwork. If you buy a bike from him be sure to take your registration papers with you and take it to a notary yourself because DEnny had a reputation of charging people and then never sending the paper work in. The incident is still pending. I'm waiting for the PA dept of revenue to contact me about the whereabouts of the sales tax I payed to him. He's a fraud and a thief and a lier. The worst kind.