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Price Quote

2008 Polaris IQ 700 Specs


The 2008 Polaris IQ 700 is a Performance Style Snowmobile equipped with an 700cc, Liquid Cooled, Horizontal In-line, Reed Valve, 2-Stroke Engine and a Continuously Variable (CVT) Transmission.

It has a Independent A-Arm Front Suspension with 10 inches of travel. The IQ Rear Suspension has 13.9 inches of travel with a Shock Mounted Adjustment. The IQ 700 has Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

The IQ 700 was introduced in 2007 and is Carryover for 2008. It includes a 12 month Limited warranty.

2008 Polaris IQ 700
Price Quote
MSRP: $9,099 Monthly Payment*: $152


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Manufacturer Polaris
Model IQ
Year 2008
Class Performance
Country of Origin USA
MSRP $9,099
Seat Specifications
Number Of Seats 1
Manufacturer Recommend Minimum Age
Introduction Year 2007
Major Revision Year 2007
Generic Type (Primary) Performance
Manufacturer Country USA
Manufacturer Type Performance
Generic Type 2
Lug Height (in) 1.25
Track Length (in) 121
Track Width (in) 15
Rear Suspension
Rear Travel (in) 13.9
Rear Suspension Brand Name IQ
Adjustment Type Shock Mounted Adjustment
Length (in) 115
Minimum Ski Stance (in) 42.5
Height (in) 48.5
Warranty (Months) 12
Warranty (Condition) Limited
Cylinders 2
Engine Stroke 2-Stroke
Displacement (cc) 700
Valve Configuration Reed Valve
Starter Pull
Engine Type Horizontal In-line
Cooling Liquid
Front Suspension
Front Travel (in) 10
Front Suspension Type Independent A-Arm
Adjustment Type Shock Mounted Adjustment
Fuel Capacity (gal) 11.7
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) Belt
Transmission Type Continuously Variable (CVT)
Reverse Yes
Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
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The base price of the 2008 Polaris IQ 700 Snowmobile is $9099. This is $433.33 more expensive than its competition.


The Horizontal In-line engine in the 2008 Polaris IQ 700 Snowmobile has a displacement of 700 cc which is 14.52% more than its competition.


The 2008 Polaris IQ 700 Snowmobile weighs 476 lbs which is 2.96% less than other Performance models.







Posted On: 01/14/10
I must admit I do love this sled and had a blast on it all last year. I blew the motor at 1800 miles and the evaluation was a design flaw. This happened just over one year after purchase, so I would be out $3600 if I did not invest in the additional 4 year warranty for $750. Basically, if you ride this sled hard over ruff terrain you will notice that the cowl slots along the middle/sides pop out. I often had to unlatch the cowl, open it and then put back down. Apparently this bumpy ridding I do caused the cowl to throw around the air box it attaches to when closed. This caused plastic from the air box and aluminum from the intake to be sucked in the motor. This word down the rings to the point the cylinder had enough play to break the skirt which fell into the crank, cracked the block and basically made a mess inside. Fortunate for me when this happened it did not shut off, but just wanted to stall. I was low on gas and though I was running out. Made it to the trailer two miles away and as soon as I stopped… the motor stopped and there was no pulling to start this puppy. The warranty was through a third part and not polaris so be careful of the fine print. Originally they claimed there was foreign debris in the motor (line 6 contract), but the mechanic took the time to state the claim and the foreign debris was parts of the sled which chewed away due to the poor design… at least for me and the way I ride. The motor is on its way and the solution to prevent this from happening to you is place rubber underneath the air box so it is snug and add two cowl straps along both sides in middle. Check 1-500 miles and make sure this is not happening. Even with warranty… as the sled depreciates, they total the amount of warranty dollars applied and basically, if this happened again it would cost me money even know I have an extended warranty for four more years. Yes the fine print I did not even notice after reading, but needed to be explained to me by the dealer since I was under the impression that if my new sled was going to fall apart like this… they could change the motor or whatever ever year. Not the case my friends. Other than this experience I love the sled and recommend it. This or something similar could happen to any machine if your body can handle the punishment. Looks like I beat the sled it first year in operation. Have a blast guys and be safe.
Posted On: 02/03/09
I cannot say enough good about this snowmobile. I have now ridden it over 2500 mile and have not had one problem! This sled handles perfectly. I usually ride with my buddies that have 800 artic cats and when we hit a strait away i'm gone leaving them in my dust. This 700 engene is one of the fastest out there.
Posted On: 12/01/08
The Polaris IQ 700 is an excellent sled with great power and acceleration. I was also extremely impressed by its handling and cornering. It just seems to stick to the trail and pull you around turns. I have also done a lot ot off trail riding with it and it handles great in all terrains. I was amazed by the power of this engine. It is also very reliable and always starts in 2 pulls or less.
Posted On: 11/03/08
This sled is the best snowmobile I have ever owned. It has great power and acceleration and handles great! This would make a nice trail/performane sled for anyone who likes speed!

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